Revolutionise customer support and reduce service costs.

With our Online Community Platform, we focus on empowering businesses to seamlessly shift customer inquiries online, building a thriving customer community and reduce traditional service channel congestion.

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An engaging community software

With a focus to build reliable digital community software, we support organisations develop thriving communities that is authentic and appealing to all members.

We help you shift your traditional support channels to a more engaging and empowering support network for your customers – Our Online Community Software is user-friendly, intuitive and seamless to use

Fully Branded

We customise our solution to reflect your brand identity

Q & A

Allow members ask questions and receive answers in a secure and safe environment


Allow users to discuss specific topics and interact


Encouraging users to contribute and earn rewards in the process.


Encouraging users to contribute and earn rewards in the process.

Features to help you foster a thriving community

Our platform is purpose-built as a support community hub, designed to boost customer satisfaction and slash support expenses. Tailored to your needs, it’s a perfect solution for nurturing a vibrant customer community.

Features we offer

Intelligent Search (Powered by Machine Learning)

Our platform is equipped with a cutting-edge search functionality, driven by machine learning algorithms. This ensures users quickly find the most relevant information, making their experience seamless and efficient while reducing redundancy of similar threads in the community.

Salesforce Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform. This integration allows for real-time data syncing, ensuring that user interactions on the community platform are instantly reflected in your Salesforce records.

Customisable Categories

Tailor the platform to your business needs by creating specific categories. This allows members to contribute to areas aligned with their expertise, fostering a more organised and relevant content structure.

Gamification & Rewards

Motivate and recognise users for their contributions through a customizable rewards mechanism. Award badges, status, and other recognitions to enhance user engagement and loyalty.

Robust Security

Our platform priorities safety with a multi-layered security approach, including a
secure multifactor authentication mechanism. This ensures protection against potential threats and unauthorized access.

Collaborative Workspaces

Foster teamwork and collaboration with dedicated workspaces. These can be adapted to fit specific teams or projects, promoting efficient knowledge sharing and interaction within the community.

About Us

Ant Community Platform, a product of Linking Integrating, is purpose-built to empower businesses seeking inclusive and collaborative customer engagement and retention strategies.

Our core mission is to drive business growth through collaboration and enhanced customer engagement. We achieve this by fostering digital interconnectedness among businesses, customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders, making the process both seamless and enjoyable for all users.

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